What Is A/B Testing In Digital Marketing?

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Hey there, curious reader! Ever wondered why sometimes, while browsing, you see two slightly different versions of the same website? Or maybe you received two different emails from the same company, and they only had a tiny change between them? This isn’t magic or a mistake. Welcome to the world of A/B testing in digital marketing!

Understanding the Basics

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is like a digital science experiment. Imagine having two beakers: “Beaker A” and “Beaker B.” In the digital world, these beakers could be two versions of a website page, two email templates, or two advertisements. The goal is to find out which beaker, or version, works best for your audience.

Why Is A/B Testing a Big Deal?

Imagine you own a toy store. You have a bright red “SALE” sign and a blue one. Which one would make more kids drag their parents into the store? Instead of just guessing, A/B testing lets you try both signs and see which one works better!

Online, this testing lets businesses:

  • Improve their website design
  • Boost sales and sign-ups
  • Make their users happier

Real World Example: Netflix, a popular movie streaming service, is big on A/B testing. They test everything, from the images of movies they show to the words they use. Because of A/B testing, they know exactly what makes people click and watch!1

Getting Started with A/B Testing

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose What to Test: This could be the color of a button, the wording of a message, or even an image.
  2. Create Two Versions: One will be the original (A), and the other will have the changes (B).
  3. Split Your Audience: Half of your audience sees version A, the other half sees version B.
  4. Measure & Compare: After some time, see which version got better results.

Real World Example: Imagine an online shoe store. They want to sell more sneakers. They create two ads: One with a basketball player (Ad A) and another with a famous pop star (Ad B). They show both ads online. After a week, they see that Ad B with the pop star got more people to buy sneakers!

Making Sense with Data

To understand the success of A/B testing, we use data. Data is like the score at the end of a soccer game. Let’s see an example:


From the table, Version B got more clicks and sales! So, B is the winner!

Little Known Facts

  • A/B testing isn’t just for websites. It’s used for emails, apps, and even text messages!
  • The smallest changes can sometimes have the biggest results. Changing just the color of a button or a single word can skyrocket results!
  • Not every A/B test will have clear winners. Sometimes, both versions might perform similarly.


A/B testing, or split testing, is like having a digital crystal ball. It removes the guesswork from digital marketing and replaces it with actual data. By understanding our audience better, we can give them more of what they love and improve their online experience.


Why is A/B testing important in digital marketing?
It allows marketers to make data-driven decisions by comparing two versions of a webpage or ad. Instead of guessing what might work best, A/B testing provides concrete results on what resonates with the audience

How does split testing differ from A/B testing?
They’re essentially the same! “Split testing” is just another term for A/B testing. However, sometimes people use split testing to refer to testing completely different designs, whereas A/B testing might involve only small changes.

Which tools can I use for A/B testing?
There are many tools available, like Optimizely, Google Optimize, and VWO. Each tool has its own features, so it’s best to choose one that fits your needs.

How long should my A/B test run?
It depends on your website’s traffic and the difference in results. Typically, you’d want a test to run until you have statistically significant results, which could be a few days to a few weeks.

Can I test more than just websites with A/B testing?
Absolutely! A/B testing can be used for emails, mobile apps, social media ads, and more. The principle remains the same: comparing two versions to see which performs better.

What’s the best change to start testing first?
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. It could be anything from a headline, an image, a call-to-action button, or even the color scheme. It’s best to start with elements you believe have the most impact on user actions.

Is A/B testing only for large companies?
Nope! Businesses of all sizes can benefit from A/B testing. Even if you have a small website or email list, you can gain insights to improve your marketing efforts.

Do I need technical skills for A/B testing?
While having some technical know-how can be helpful, many A/B testing tools today are user-friendly. They offer drag-and-drop features, making it easy even for non-techies.

How do I know if my A/B test was successful?
The success of an A/B test is determined by the goal you set. Whether it’s more clicks, sign-ups, or sales, you’ll compare the results of both versions to see which one achieved the goal better.

What if both versions in my A/B test fail?
It’s okay! Not every test will give you the results you hoped for. The key is to learn from it, understand why it might have failed, and use those insights for future tests.



  1. Netflix’s Approach to A/B Testing

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